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The View Within Mario Reed
The View Within Mario Reed
July 2016 - August 2017 - Memphis, TN
90 minutes
United States
JP Films | Webb Publishing Co.

If growing up in the rough neighborhood on the North side of Memphis, Tennessee in a single parent household was not enough to test the character of Mario Reed, top that with him suffering a tragic accident that left him with paralysis at the age of fifteen. One will be undoubtedly inspired by his ability to push forward.
September 12, 1997, during a football game at Millington High School, Mario Reed was injured. In a split second, he began a journey of proving to himself and all those that cross his path that a life with paralysis is not a death sentence yet an opportunity to have more reason to live and impact the lives of others.

The View within Mario Reed documentary commemorates the 20 year anniversary of Mario’s injury and chronicles the events leading up to and after his accident beginning with his early childhood. It is a captivating journey that will leave everyone with a sense of faith, resilience, strength, and persistence about life. From interviews with family, former team members, mentors and more, The View within Mario Reed will bring depth to his motto: ``Once a job has begun, never leave it 'til its done. Be the labor great or small. Do it well or not at all.``

Screening Dates
Screening at Malco Studio on the Square – Memphis, TN
The View Within Mario Reed Premiere Screening
Screening at Malco Collierville Towne Cinema Grill - Collierville, TN
The View Within Mario Reed Premiere Screening
Screening at Malco Studio on the Square - Memphis, TN
The View Within Mario Reed Premiere Screening

The mission of the MARIO REED FOUNDATION is to engage inner city youth to take active roles in fostering positive futures through the exposure of academic, social, interpersonal, cultural awareness, and advocate for people with Paralysis.

Having grown up in the North Memphis area, in perceived less than desirable conditions, the MARIO REED FOUNDATION founder, Mario Reed, understands the importance of inner city youth receiving nurturing exposure to increase the chances of more positive futures. Throughout his childhood, Mario encountered opportunities that encouraged his focus in the areas of academics and social aptitude. He quickly became equipped with mentors that helped direct him along his journey. With his eye on becoming a professional football player, an injury during one of his high school games changed his immediate dreams, but the fact that he had been mentored and exposed to a variety of important life skills, Mario did not allow his life changing situation change the positive outcome he would still live to fulfill.

Early on Mario learned his strengths on and off the football field. He gained the understanding that his choices clearly defined his path in life. Since his paralyzing accident, Mario has continued living life out loud by becoming a businessman and motivational speaker. Mario’s life mission transitioned from pro football player to youth game changer; thus, the development of the non-profit organization, MARIO REED FOUNDATION.


Mario Reed is the Executive Producer and inspiration for the documentary, The View Within Mario Reed. His story begins on the streets of North Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, where he learned he had the ability to be tough. Read More
No stranger to community, Harold Graeter is the Associate Executive Director of AutoZone Liberty Bowl. As a voice in the Memphis community, Harold was the sports anchor, reporter, and director at WMC-TV from 1985 to 1998. Read More
From his office in Millington, Tennessee, Attorney A. Wilson Wages serves residents of Millington and Memphis, as well as the rest of Shelby County, plus Tipton, Lauderdale, Fayette, Dyer, Hardin, and Haywood Counties.Read More
Writer | Director
Living life according to her motto: “Find Your Passion and Run with It”, Christin Webb is a screenwriter, author, film producer and speaker. In 2012, she published her fiction novel, Enough Time. Since then, she has served as the screenwriter and co-producer for short films, such as Last Call.Read More
John Hamilton is Creative Director and Owner of JP Filmz, a full video production company. His work includes graphic/web design, video production, editing and post production.Read More
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